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Soundly Sleeping

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Soundly Sleeping helps your sleep by reducing the amount of external noise you will be subject to.

It produces continuous, uninterrupted random noise that effectively cancels out other sounds. All you have to do is pick between the exact randomness that suits your audio source best: white, pink, or brown.

Essentially, the sound gets lower from first to last - simply try out what works best for you. Set your volume - not too loud, we don't want to hurt your ears - and have a good night's sleep!

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Practice Creativity. Strengthen your idea muscle.

To have good ideas, have many.

Ideas are the currency of life.

IdeaPad helps you exercise your idea muscle to strengthen it. You must stop censoring your own ideas in order to get used to having them, noticing them, and developing them. Practice daily by writing down 10 ideas. Or any number really. Hold yourself to a daily practice to improve your ability to come up with ideas and solve problems.

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