One Good Thing

Surely, 1 good thing happened



The simple act of jotting down at least one good thing that happens to you every day can have an wonderful and powerful impact on your day-to-day outlook and perspective. Even on your worst day, something good - the tiniest thing - probably happened; you might have to dig deep to come up with it, but even acknowledging even the little things like getting to pet a puppy or hearing a baby giggle can brighten up an otherwise gloomy time.



Imagine that you recorded one good thing every day for the year and on New Years Eve, you reviewed all the good things that you experienced throughout the past year. What a great way to step into the next year: feeling positive and filled with gratitude!


The database holding all of your good things is housed on your personal device, so it is completely private and safe. On our roadmap, the next updates will be adding the ability to export your good things to a readable document so that you all your good things together.